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SC Chu & Co.

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Customers of SC Chu & Co are qualified with our co-operate services which you will get company web page and digital business card for RM350 (2 Years Subscription).
Select one of our very own template design for your company web page and we will handle the rest of the setup for you.

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If you only need a very small size website to display some company information, this web page is best for your company and is simple enough for a startup.

Minimal Site

Web Page

Digital Way

Name Card

Let's introducing our digital name card solution. It is a new way to replace your paper name card. It is more functional, such as google map, click to call and more.
The renewal price is affordable for everyone which is RM150 for web page and RM25 for digital name card. This price is only for customers of SC Chu & Co.



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